Poblano and I started back to working in the high school and boy was Po excited to be in the hallways and with those teenagers again. We still had lots of company in the first couple of weeks in September so Po had opportunity to practice showing how he could behave in the house with a couple of strangers living with us. He went to the lab so that I wouldn’t get scared getting some blood work done and he also went to the optometrist for the first time. He’s learning how to be more and more quiet while sitting in small places with doctors, needles , funny machines and bright and dark lights. We also had a fun field trip to the aquarium where he practiced dog , fish and people distraction.

I’m so very proud of how he’s doing in so many ways. PADS is also very proud of his accomplishments because they want him to go to advanced training at the beginning of November. So this next month, we’re going to work on all the commands and behaviours to showcase how smart he is and how ready he is to do awesome in the next level of training.

Submitted by: Sheila