Pride 2014-12-1 with NoosaHappy New Year, everybody! Boy, was December ever a fun month!

I got to have regular play dates with Noosa two or three times a week! Dad says that’s to help me channel my energy so I don’t have “energy spikes” and turn into a bucking bronco when we’re out for walks. Plus Verdot came to visit me a couple of times and I got to play with Merlot and Seven when Dad went to work in the PADS office. I got to go to Metrotown, too, for puppy class. Dad said I was a bit distracted by the other dogs (of course!) but I settled in after a few minutes and really did well.

My favourite play date was when Dad took me to Pacific Spirit Park and I got to run off-leash with Verdot and Malbec. I love runnin’ with the big boys! I surprised Dad by actually running back to him when he called “Here”.

I got to go to the PADS Open House, too, and got to see lots of people and other dogs. The next day, my sitter, Pam, took me to the Vancouver Aquarium. It was fun to be with Pam but I really wasn’t interested in those animals in the water … they don’t have any interesting smells!

Puppy classes were fun, too. Dad is having some difficulty teaching me how to do Stand cuz I move around so much but I think I’ll get the hang of it. We’re working on Settle and Go In and Dad is trying to get me to do Sit and Down for longer times but I don’t think I have the patience for that, at least not yet. Maybe when I’m older.


Near the end of the month, this thing called Christmas came along. I thought my Dad had lost it when he actually brought a tree inside the house! But apparently that’s part of Christmas and it was really cool when it was all covered in lights and ornaments. I was a good pup and only sniffed around the bottom a little bit. On Christmas morning, there were even presents under the tree for me! I got a rope and a chew toy and some really tasty treats. Thanks, Santa Paws! Then Dad took me to Uncle Rick’s for Christmas dinner and it was fun to meet all those nice people. I can’t wait for Christmas to come again!!!

Submitted by our amazing PADS puppy-in-training, Pride, and his awesome PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Doug Syms.