Pride Oct 1Pride Oct 2Hi everyone!  I really had an exciting October exploring my new home.  I went for walks every day around my neighbourhood with my Dad and we even went to Iona Beach for a great hike.  And I discovered the grocery and drug stores, the dentist’s office and my favourite place, the pet store!  I got to go to puppy class and play with the other PADS dogs afterward and I played with my buddy, Verdot, when he came for a sleepover.  The visit to the BCSPCA for my shots wasn’t so bad and I loved meeting all the people at the Volunteer Information Sessions.

Dad says I’m growing like a weed and that I’m now getting “gangly” (whatever that means) and that my ears are too big for my head.  Dad also says I’m a pretty smart boy because I learn the things he teaches me pretty quickly.  That makes me happy!  But Dad says I can be crazy at times, especially when I chase my tail or run laps inside the house or tear around the backyard like a monster was after me.

Speaking of monsters, Dad took me out for a walk on Halloween night while all the kids were out trick-or-treating.  I barked a couple of times just to let them know I was there to protect my Dad.  There were fireworks too but they didn’t scare me one bit!

Submitted by our awesome PADS puppy, Pride, and his incredible PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Doug Syms.