Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

I have nicely settled into my new living quarters and I am very happy here. There are a couple of dog parks nearby that we enjoy going to for walks and I have met some new friends who play nicely with me. I also got to go on my first big trip to Olympic National Park. I had all the fun there camping on the beach hiking some nice trails and also scaring my humans because it didn’t seem like I understood the concept of a steep hill so I had to stay on leash a lot but still lots of sniffing and exploring. I have moved on to beginner classes now and I had my first field trip yesterday which went quite well.

It looks like I will be learning “go in” this month and I am looking forward to this skill. Recently I have mastered my sit to stand cue and I am still working on my roll… I might still be more like a floppy fish in this one but hey we’ve all got the things we need to work on. Overall I am enjoying my time learning and hope to keep on my successful path!

Submitted By: Chantelle Jaques