Well this month was a month full of big milestones and adventures. First and foremost I left my momma bear and went to live with my human raisers in a small studio apartment right in downtown Vancouver. You can bet the first night away from the comfort of mom along with the downtown noises made the transition a little tricky, but don’t you worry it only took me two nights before I decided that I felt very safe and let my raisers enjoy 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

Given it was the holiday season this meant that I would meet all sorts of fun humans and doggos. First on the list was my human’s sister and brother in law. They came to stay with us in our small studio apartment and we went on all sorts of adventures. Mainly they just loved me and my adorableness. My favourite adventure during their visit was heading down to the ocean and feeling the sand between my toes. I think I will be a beach dog once I learn that the water is safe. At this point it felt a little cold on my toes. For some strange reason though the human raisers told me they were going scuba diving in the ocean for a day so they dropped me off at a sitters house. The sitter introduced me to medium sized humans and they all adored me. I also met this funny looking animal that hissed and meowed but I just looked at it and decided it made funny noises but went about doing my own thing like chewing my nylabones and napping. After all this fun I had a day to recover and then who would have guessed my dog brother showed up at my apartment and we had a really good play. Maize was a lot bigger than me but he was very sweet and calm. Our humans took us on this funny thing called an airplane the next day and we went to a new city. Apparently Maize was going to live here and I was just visiting for this thing called Christmas Break.

Here I discovered so many new things. I found this white powder stuff they call snow and lets just say I really like snow. Then I went on this slippery surface called ice, and although it was chilly and super slippery I had no issues walking all over it. I also went out to visit these beautiful giants rocks called mountains. In addition to all this I got to meet a couple other dogs on this trip, a meant a few adult dogs who were not overly friendly but tolerated me quite well and I learnt that when they snarled a little I just went onto minding my own business, this has led to a successful relationship with them. I also got to meet lots of puppies, two of the puppies I met (Ryder, and Hank) were really fun and we had a lot of time to play outside together. I also really like this German Shepherd puppy I met named Kylo but he was six months old. His size made me a little nervous so I preferred to play with him in small spurts.

After all this I took a giant car called a bus up to a city called Edmonton. The bus ride was at 6 am so I just slept for the whole ride and then arrived to another new home. Here I met a lot of really small humans and medium sized humans. I also went to a light festival and did really well, minus my sneakiness to get a little popcorn off the floor. Finally I flew back home to my studio in Vancouver and I had one final adventure today which was my practice on walking on leash in public at English bay. I saw some really big statues but they didn’t scare me. I also saw some bird thing called a goose. I was a bit nervous but with enough encouragement the humans got me to walk by them and paid attention to them.

All in all I am doing quite well. I have become much better at going into my kennel for downtime and I sleep consistently through the night. When the humans say “better go now” to me I almost always go unless I really don’t have to. I am also an expert at waiting for my food. Human mom says I’ve gotten up to 45 seconds of waiting before being released.

What else have I discovered? Well I love chasing blowing leaves but the humans are working on getting my attention on them instead of the leaves, but hey what can I say when they go blowing by they look like fun. I also have just discovered that I have grown a lot, and within the last day have realized I can jump onto these places humans call beds and couches. The humans seem to guide me off them though and then ask for a sit and I get treats for giving the sit so I think I am slowly learning it’s more fun to stay on the ground and get treats for sitting. More to come on my adventures and discovering how quickly I am growing.

Submitted By: Chantelle and Jordan Jaques & Sharkey