Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

February was short and sweet but oh my did the hooman raisers ever notice some big changes. First of all I almost have all my big girl teeth, and I weigh almost 40 lbs. Also I am becoming a much more relaxed little lady. I went away from my raisers for a month and spent some time at another raisers house while my brother Chestnut hung out at my house.

When I came back I suddenly knew how to just hang out at home. I no longer needed to be tethered or kennelled I could just sleep on my own. This was a win win for hoomans and myself because I am much happier being free to walk around the house and plop to sleep on a comfy spot of my choosing. This month I also had my first PADS romp at a park. I went to a big off leash area and met all sorts of other PADS dogs. We got to run around and play and every so often we would check in for treats. It was a lot of fun. Overall I am told that I am learning so much and I am just the sweetest girl to have around the house now.

Submitted By: Chantelle Jaques