Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Wow another month has gone by! Who knew time flew when you’re hanging out with hoomans learning all the time. This month has been lots of fun. I went to the vet for the first time and he put a needle in me.

I was given lots of yummy treats so it wasn’t so bad. I also had a big bath because I played with a puppy dog named Lola, who is a corgi and I got really really muddy. I took a nice bath and I am starting to sort of like baths although I am still not fully decided on how I feel about them.

I also went out to stay in Richmond with a sitter for a whole week and got to meet all sorts of fun fur friends, as well as going to the Ocean Waves litter’s first birthday party. I got a goodie bag with a banana and the Costco beef sticks. That was a lot of fun!

My hoomans say I am a quick learner and always eager to work. I actually tend to have a harder time just hanging out because I really like learning, so they say we are going to work on my ability to just be around. Maybe as I get older this will get easier. You should see my impressive skills with resisting food. Just the other day the hoomans threw a bunch of kibble on the floor and I didn’t even flinch, I looked down for a while contemplating why they would be so cruel and throw it on the floor as opposed to in my bowl, but then I looked up and BAM treat!

I also should let you know that I am a whopping 30 lbs now which meant that I needed to upgrade my living space. I switched to a bigger kennel this month so now I have room to continue growing and to become a super hero puppy one day!

Submitted By: Chantelle Jaques