Queenie here. I’m 11 months old today. Well this month started off a bit of a blur. I was in heat and slept a lot more in the day than I usually do. For the first few weeks all I did was go for car rides and get some short walks in the garden. No walks around the neighborhood or outings, but I didn’t mind too much. My raiser enjoyed having a bit more time to herself whilst I slept. At puppy class one time I was very slow and did everything in slow motion because I kind of forgot what to do.

My raiser was very patient with me and just gave me little bits of training. There were no visits to school and no play dates … but then half way through the month I suddenly got a bit of energy back. A few of those days I was a bit hyper and ran around the garden all by myself and rolled around with my chew toys. As soon as I was able – after about 4 weeks of house arrest – I was out and about again. The children at school were very excited to see me again. Grandpa still doesn’t recognize me because I’m bigger! Granny came with us to a lovely garden center to buy Grandpa’s birthday flowers – that was a little challenging because of all the different smells but the greenhouse was very warm and colourful. My friend Haiku II has been over for some play dates – she’s helping me learn how to play nicely with another dog. Sometimes we sit quietly but a lot of the time we race around. I’m helping Haiku learn how to wait at doors and how to remember her cues. One fun outing was to visit the Grade 1 children at school. We sat in a big room and the teacher talked about a book that they had read. They talked about how dogs can help people and the children were so excited to see me and Haiku. My raiser likes music and at church sometimes the music is a bit loud but we went to a harp recital and that music was very soft and calming. Now it’s the end of the month and I’m feeling a lot more like me again. Today we went for a sunny walk long a dyke trail. It’s great to be off leash again and with the warmer weather I have a feeling that there will be some great adventures next month.

Submitted By: Jo Brand