Happy New Year to you and I hope you had a great Christmas. Queenie here. Well December has been a very busy month.

It started off with a visit to see Santa! I went with some PADS friends and we watched other people bringing their dogs, cats and bunnies to see Santa. We helped raise some money too.

As the days went by, more and more lights appeared and the evenings got really dark so we had lots of walks in reflective jackets and carried flashlights. Some houses and parks had giant inflatable statues which I was made to sit by – I didn’t mind them at all, even the ones that made funny noises.

In the house we put up decorations and a tree and I had to be careful not to knock anything. Sometimes my tail got a bit too close to the tree but nothing broke!

My garden is great for play dates and so I had a few PADS dogs over for some play time. There is time to romp and time to be calm and work on our cues, which can be challenging at times.

Visiting school took up quite a few of my days. The middle school kids enjoy seeing me and I have been going to the gym with one special little girl; she happily goes to PE if I’m there. I went to their Christmas chapel too and they sang lots of Christmas songs.

At the elementary school I went for some library visits, some chapel visits and my favorite preschool visits. My little friends were all dressed up and sang cute songs to their parents and grandparents in their squeaky voices! Some days I go and spend the day with a teacher, which lets me experience an office and classroom time. It can be a bit boring but I have some chew toys and a bed to sleep on.

One day a new lady took me on the bus and sky train and we walked up and down eight flights of stairs in her building three times, and visited some hospital wards. That was a great day with lots of new sights and sounds.

I have been very good at walking nicely on my leash and have had lots of people tell me how good I am. Going out and about is great but I find it really hard to ignore other dogs, especially if they are the same size as me – I am a little bit better now but have to work really hard in 2020.

Christmas day was full of yummy smells and happy chatter and then on Boxing Day I went with my raiser to the island on the ferry. Oh – my favorite beachy holiday where I could run on the beaches, splash in the sea and relax by the fire in the evenings.

The year is almost at an end … I know that 2020 is going to bring a lot of changes for me … exciting times are ahead … I can feel it!

Submitted By: Jo Brand