Queenie here – well what else is there to say about February but snow, snow and snow! Oh my it was cold on a few occasions but it was so much fun – the cold paws, cold nose, cold ears and new smells to smell. We had lots of snow in the garden and the children seemed to like being out in the snow with me too. There were some days that it was too cold for my raiser and so we did some walking around the mall and around some shops and even around inside the school – up and down the stairs and along the corridors.

Our PADS teachers thought it would be a challenge for us to practice our cues in the snow but really I enjoyed sitting and lying in the cold stuff. I even jumped into a big pile of deep snow – of course I didn’t know I would sink in it but after one spring I was up to my neck in the pile. Great fun. Nearly every day I get taken somewhere in my cape. We visited Grandpa a few times in the old people’s home and the old people sitting in their wheel chairs all seem to wake up when I appear. They like to pat my head and then go back to sleep. Grandpa thinks I’m a new dog because he remembers me when I was small and now I’m bigger. Most weeks I go to school for an afternoon and see the children who are Grade 6-8. They come 2 at a time and the girls like to stroke me and tell me stories. Two girls made me a Valentine’s card and made a heart out of kibble for me to look at! The boys like to play with my toys in the basket and sometimes they give me some cues and they laugh when I sit, lie down and roll for them. We had a fun trip into Vancouver for the boat show – there were lots of people, more than I’ve ever seen and so we walked around inside and even saw 2 more PADS puppies. There was a little water taxi that took us across the water and I really enjoyed that – we saw lots of seagulls up close at Granville Island market. At the Pet Lovers show there were 100’s of dogs, a few cats, birds, llamas and lots of people – I just walked around and looked and my raiser chatted to lots of people. We sat at the PADS booth for 2 hours and I was ready for a nap by then. Time for another play in the garden before the snow melts.

Submitted By: Jo Brand