Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Queenie here. This month has brought about a few changes in my life. In the beginning I started to have days where I was a bit hyper and didn’t want to listen very well – then I’d get really sleepy and take long naps in the day. On 20th, as we sailed off into the sunset towards the island, we watched the super moon rising over Vancouver and I went into heat. Well that changed a few things on my holiday … I was house bound and sometimes harnessed to the deck but I had company all the time and when the sun shone I was allowed to lie in the sunny spots.

Anyway the rest of the month has been similar to the others. Everyday I take the children to school and go for a walk. I’m getting strong now and sometimes I can’t resist the grassy smells of other dogs and I pull and pull on my leash. In class my teacher was showing us how to resist distractions which is hard when there are so many distractions around but at least now we know what to do. We are going to try really hard at that and everyday too! The children at school have really grown to love me and one week I didn’t go and they missed me so much. My favourite boy started baseball this month too and so we have to take him 3 times a week for practices and games. I really have no interest in watching them hitting balls around but I get to meet the other spectators and take walks around the field when it gets cold. One morning we went to a swimming pool for a party and it was awful … there were food crumbs all over floor and wet smelly foot prints everywhere – it really was not an enjoyable experience but I did like watching some children swimming. The snow has all gone now and I miss the cold stuff but the trails are still there to enjoy, just a little muddier. Now that I am in heat I am told that I will have to stay at home and not have much time outside. Hopefully I can still go on car rides and maybe even have a play date or 2 with my female puppy friend. Right now I just want to sleep so the thought of staying at home is just fine with me. I guess next months ‘Pup date’ won’t be very long!!!!

Submitted By: Jo Brand