Queenie here with my 2nd ‘Pup-date’. I’m nicely settled in with my new family now. Everyday I get up early and by the time the kids wake up I’m almost ready for a nap. The kids always give me attention first and when I hear them downstairs I sit on the top step of the stairs and wait for them to come up. Sometimes I’m too excited and have to run down and greet them. We go to school every morning in the car then I go for a short walk. The ‘gentle leader’ doesn’t feel nice on my nose but it helps me walk really nicely. Every day we go for a number of short walks and we practice loose leash walking. I’m getting good at it now and when there is an extra yummy treat in my trainers hand then I walk really well. Sometimes it’s hard because there are so many smells in the grass and against posts and under trees. I just want to sniff everything and when I walk nicely then I can have a sniff break at a lamp post or tree. My trainer has taken me on a few adventures. We went to a dog park and I chased some larger dogs around. Afterwards I dipped my toes in the river and … oh my … heavenly cold river water! I wasn’t allowed to swim but I did go a little crazy and ran in and out and in and out and loved the feeling of the water between my toes. We also went for a short walk in the forest and in a school playground. One thing that I don’t really enjoy these days are piles of crunchy leaves – they tickle my toes and so I try to avoid the big piles – funny thing is that the kids seem to enjoy jumping in them!

Submitted by: Jo Brand