Well I, Queenie, celebrated my one year anniversary with my raiser family. The humans kept looking at photos from a year ago and talking about when I was little. September was back to school for the kids and back to school for me. Sometimes, at drop off I go in and visit with my friends. When I recognize kids from last year it makes me a little excited and the kids have to be reminded not to crowd around me and to keep a bit of distance. The sensory room at school is now all painted up and tidy so it’s a great place for me to go to hang out with some of the children that need a break from their lessons. This month has been a busy one with outings just about every day. I’ve been to visit endocrinologists, oncologists, gerontologists, laboratory techs, and a pediatrician, I’ve attended a rugby game at BC Stadium, driven to Whistler and back, had an eye exam, and attended a book club meeting. At the Abbotsford hospital I saw the Honorable Adrian Dix give a speech (he smiled at me) and I sniffed a therapy rabbit called Pickles who was wheeled around in a stroller. All these outings are what I’m used to now. I just happily accompany my raiser and take it all in my stride.

Something that I’m quietly proud of is that I have learned how to get good attention from my people. A few weeks ago I had an eye test. My raiser had to practice the ‘chin’ cue and use that to look in my eyes. I was very good at the exam and the vet said that my eyes were beautiful inside. During that time I realized that when my chin was resting on them, the people all sat still, and after a minute I got a treat. What a wonderful way to get attention, so now if I want to be noticed I just rest my chin on their lap or book or magazine or leg – anywhere I can. Talking of treats, my teacher told all the raisers to stop giving us treats when training – huh, really – I’d like to see the look on her face when she’s told “no treats for a couple of months”. I like the kibble so it’s actually not that bad.

Once or twice a week I have play dates with my canine friends. The most important thing that I have to learn now is how to ignore other dogs when I’m on my leash. It’s so hard though because I just want to look at them, sniff them and then play. When I meet other dogs I stay on my leash and my raiser tries to make me see that if I ignore them I get a piece of kibble. After a leash walk, sometimes I get to have a run about and a play, but not always.

Well that’s the recap of the month, could have been a lot longer but I have to go and have a bath before I get some rest.

I hear that October will be another busy month – whispers of a Puppy Parade, a trip to a sitter, and an assessment.

Submitted By: Jo Brand