We are very excited to announce that QUIXLEY has been matched with a client and will start team training in March. Quixley’s enthusiasm and devotion to his people will serve him well in his career as a PTSD service dog. We are so happy to see Quixley matched and wish Quixley and his new partner all the best as they work towards building a strong bond and partnership. His trainers Ashley and Margaret and the rest of the PADS advanced training staff are very grateful to the amazing community of volunteers and the PADS puppy program staff whose love and hard work made Quixley’s success possible! Congratulations Team Quixley!

  • Skills being learned: Client specific skills, making sure all learned skills are sharp and ready for transfer to his new client.
  • Recent field trips: Various field trips to prepare him for team training.
  • Possible behavior challenges: N/A
  • Career path: PTSD Service

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Quixley!

Submitted by: Training Programs Manager Margaret Hicks & Apprentice Instructor Ashley Siddals