Quixley was at a sitters for a couple of weeks in early July and we were sitting Lynx.  When Quixley came home from the sitters he was well behaved around Lynx. After returning Lynx to her raisers, I noticed that Quixley seemed to be a more calm when other dogs are around then when he is by himself so I am trying to get   more socialization time in at dog parks and on outings as dog distraction is the biggest issue we are working on with Quixley. We took him to the MEC organised canine triathlon at the Spanish Banks off-leash park at the end of the month. Quixley had a great time with Mocha and friends and we found out that he is a natural born swimmer. It was only his second time at the beach and he couldn’t wait to get into the water and swim around. We tried to get him on a stand up paddle board with Mocha but he was too eager to swim and would jump off after staying on for a bit.

Submitted By: Paul Yi