My people kept saying that this Christmas was quieter than usual, but I still felt like it was full of new things.

There was even a tree in the house!

We went to pick out the tree from a neighbour’s farm and finally found “the one.”

I love helping in any way I can (e.g., sitting nicely in the truck while they tied the tree down, or hanging out by the fire while the people eat or play games).


When we go to the park for a walk, I absolutely LOVE seeing other dogs and people. I’m definitely an extrovert! I did overhear my people commenting, though, on how much I’m maturing and getting better at my loose leash walking in exciting places. I just love it when they praise and pet me! I turned ONE YEAR OLD this month!

I’m loving life and looking forward to what this next year brings!

Submitted by: Chad & Rhona