February was a lovely month! We celebrated pink shirt day at school, and my human even put a pink shirt and skirt on me. I love the kids, but I have to admit I didn’t love wearing the skirt. I wore it for the photo but didn’t want to keep it on longer. This month I went into my second heat and wore my “hot pants” to school. Even though I was a bit more tired, I was mostly my regular social self. One of my favourite things to do after a full day is laying on my bed with my four-legged friend, Mackenzie. We get along great!

This month for training, I loved working on my “perch.” My humans say I’m really good at this and even shared my video with puppy class! As I’m getting older, I’m getting better at listening and focusing. I’m including a picture of me at one of my favourite parks. I’ve been walking across this suspension bridge on a regular basis for a whole year now, and I love the sound of the rushing waterfall!

Looking forward to Spring.

Submitted by: Chad and Rhona Pederson