July has been a month to remember in so many ways. I went to an in-person puppy class and was super excited to see so many other dogs! Jackie and Heather led us through some training and I did my best to pay attention, but it was hard when other dogs got too close…I just want to play with them! My humans took me on a boat to a beautiful island where we stayed in a cabin with another family who also had a black lab. His name was Humphrey, I loved him! He’s a lot older than me and was super calm so I tried to chill and relax like him, most of the time. We also visited a friends farm where they had cows, goats, chickens and ducks. My nose was really busy that day taking in all the new smells! It’s been a hot and dry month but I’ve kept cool swimming in the pond and laying indoors. I’m looking forward to the rest of this beautiful summer!

Submitted by: Chad and Rhona