RAINBOW’S goofy charm is a big hit wherever she goes! She has been spending lots of time accompanying Events Coordinator Susie to various events and charms everyone she meets with her enthusiastic wiggle and love of snuggles and belly rubs. Rainbow’s main challenges in advanced training are her discomfort on various surfaces; she especially doesn’t like walking in the rain. We are spending lots of time working on building her confidence and helping her work through her discomfort. After a good training session, Rainbow loves to have an energetic romp in the play yard with office buddy Pride.

  • Skills being learned: ‘Wait’ at thresholds, games to build confidence, impulse control games.
  • Recent field trips: Various field trips with training staff and volunteers.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Surface sensitive, uncomfortable walking in the rain or stepping in puddles, low impulse control around greeting dogs and people.
  • Advanced training location: Burnaby
  • Potential career path: Service, Hearing, PTSD or AFD

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Rainbow!

Submitted by: Training Programs Manager Margaret Hicks