I’m four months old now and growing bigger every day! I’ve grown out of my baby vest and am wearing a medium sized one now. This month, I went to a lot of new places with my raiser, and have gotten to ride on buses, the SkyTrain, the West Coast Express, and even some ferries! I like to help my raiser with her shopping – even grocery shopping – by keeping her company. But I’m still young and am still working on the basics of my training. I can sit pretty well when I’m told to, but I get so excited for my food that it’s hard for me to wait for it until my raiser gives that magic word, “release.” I love going for walks, and sometimes find it hard to not to forge ahead of my raiser, but to stay by her leg. I’m also still practicing “down,” “touch,” and to look at my raiser when she says my name. My raiser says that I’m getting better at these each week, but I still have to practice more. Submitted by: Sandra Koziol