This month Ranger enjoyed running around playing in leaves and sniffing all the new smells of autumn. He had a big new experience: riding in the Banff Sulfur Mountain gondola! He was a bit unsure about it on the way up, but by the time he explored the top of the mountain, he was a pro riding down in the gondola. He also walked through Johnston Canyon and worked hard, trying not to get distracted by all the interesting people and dogs along the way. Ranger loves to work. As soon as he sees his cape come out, he wants it on so he can go to work. Even if he is having a great time playing outside, if he hears, “Do you want to go work?” he gets excited and ready to go. He has adopted two big “jobs” at home: to comfort anyone who is sad and help get our son to sleep. He takes his jobs seriously and responds right away to be by someone’s side if they get hurt. At night, he routinely lays down by the side of our son’s bed until he falls asleep. 

Ranger stayed with multiple puppy-sitters this month and has demonstrated that he is quite adaptable to living with different families. He’s still working on staying calm when he is in a busy environment with many people and/or dogs. It’s hard to stay focused when you just love everyone so much! 

Submitted by: Shawna Sharp Hays