Hey everyone – it’s PADS Reef here!! Well, this has been an exciting month for me!! And I don’t just mean the great weather and the chance to get outside. You see, towards the end of the month, I got to meet some more great people from the PADS Village. First, I visited with two of PADS’ amazing sitters for a weekend. They were great, but I think maybe I got a little too excited sometimes. They said I was “spicy”!! Then my “second hooman” came to get me. It was great to see him again, and I recognized everything as soon as we got home.

My “second hooman” says I’m still too excitable, so we are working on keeping me calm. My “second hooman” calls it our relaxation therapy sessions. I call it boring. Who wants to lie around doing nothing, when you can run around doing nothing? But when I do relax, I sometimes fall asleep . . . and I’m starting to like sleeping.

Since I’ve been back we have been going to the gym a lot. I really like it there – everyone is so friendly and there are always new things to see. And we have been to lots of new restaurants where I can practise my “go in”. I’m pretty good at that. We still go out almost every day to practise my cues in different places. Last week we spent some time doing “heel” and “side” – I’m really good at both of them, but the practise is still a lot of fun!!

Submitted by: Kevin