This month Remmy and I went to Florida for a week where he got to spend time at Disneyworld. He’s becoming a seasoned flier as this was his third time on a plane. He settled easily and most of the passengers were unaware he was there. At Disneyworld he got to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion and the Jungle Cruise. We also went on the People Mover and watched some the animatronics and live shows. Remmy handled both the attractions and the crowds perfectly. He was aware and interested in the attractions but never behaved inappropriately. He maintained focus on me as he moved through the crowds. The only things that diverted him were the ducks on the water features and spilled popcorn. He also got to spend time in an office where he curled up in the corner and tuned out any distractions. Having a chew toy available solved any problems with focus.

Remmy is also involved in a reading program with five Grade 1 and 2 students at Eric Harvey School who have reading and/or personality issues. His role there is to establish a connection with each student as they come in for 15 minutes of reading. It’s interesting to seen the different behaviors Remmy exhibits in reaction to each child’s personality. He is never inappropriate but his willingness to settle does seem to correspond to the child’s level of agitation.

Submitted By: Bob Campbell