I’M BACK! And wow, October was eventful!

I had no idea white fluff fell from the sky. I was a little scared the first time I saw it and didn’t want to touch it, but as soon as my human parents stepped outside, I couldn’t stop running and playing! My human parents said it’s called “snow” and it comes with colder weather.

This was also my first Halloween! I loved all the costumes the weird little humans wore, but I wasn’t the biggest fan when they tried to dress me up. They said I was a “little black sheep,” but I’m just Renegade.

My human parents say I am turning out to be such a nice girl. I never get into trouble, and the trainers at PADS are always impressed and give my human parents new things to work on. I love cuddling and putting my chin on my family members to make sure they know I am there.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great November, and I will keep notes on all my big achievements.

XOXO, Renegade

Submitted by: Rhea & Alex