Rider was very excited to be here on his very first day. Rider met his bunkmate Talbot, and they were so glad to realize they like to tousle hard and fast! Rider’s favorite things on campus have to be: Talbot, food and then playing in the yard. Rider is spunky and ready to put that spunk to good use at school. We took it easy over the last little while and didn’t do much besides basic obedience, settling time in the office and playing in the yard. Rider had a little while here to settle in and pack his bags before heading out to Vancouver Island with his buddies Talbot and Cashew! 

 Rider has made himself at home with his sitters and treats them like family (which includes all the puppy dog eyes for extra treats). Rider prefers to stay close to his handler. He is very headstrong and isn’t afraid to show that. He enjoys working for food and his person, and he is happy to keep trying and trying until he gets something right. A quirk that we are working on is his impulse control around other dogs while on leash and off leash, as well as any other exciting stimulus Rider wants to seek out. So far, he’s been doing well in this department and trying to hold in his beans while other people, dogs and distractions walk by. We will see as time passes, but Rider shows that she is dedicated to the cause!

 Rider has shown us how much love and care you’ve all put into him. He is kind and loveable and wants to please.

Thanks, everyone, for all your love and hard work with Rider!

Submitted by: Advanced Training Department