October has been quite a social month for Rider as we have had the pleasure of the company of some other canines. At first, PADS Canary, also in advanced training under Rob’s supervision, was here again. It wasn’t all play, though, as we did have to keep practicing their basic skills like heel, side, sit, stand, down, and a big one, Leave it!! We have had frequent visits to grocery stores, malls, and weekly meetings, and since we live near Rathtrevor beach, we often walk there and along the Parksville Boardwalk, which provides lots of dog distractions!

Rider and Canary returned to school after a week and worked on some advanced skills, including retrieve, pressing buttons and other cues. Rider was a little reluctant, actually more than a little reluctant, to get into the back of Rob’s truck. But I am happy to report that Rob’s dog whispering skill helped Rider overcome his fear, and he now walks up the ramp to get into the truck!

After a week at school, Rider came back to visit again, and this time we were looking after a friend’s yellow lab, Piper. One of their favourite games is “Tug,” and they had great fun playing in the garden along with chasing each other around. 

Rider also visited one of Rob’s other sitters, Lorri-Anne, and her two labs, Lilly and Tyler. He enjoyed his time with them and had to sample every bone he could find! He continues to love his tummy rubs and is a really happy lad.

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Rider!

Advanced training location: West Coast (Vancouver Island)

Submitted by: Linda, Advanced Training Sitter