September has been quite an exciting month for Rider socially, and he is continuing to work on some of his skills. He has made great strides with his dog distraction issue and will often look at me when he first sees another dog without any cue from me. Once we have passed each other, though, he still tends to look behind to double check and needs a little reminder to stay focused on where we are going.! He has no problem passing rabbits and squirrels. He is doing really well in stores and receiving many positive comments. He still struggles a little bit to hold a long stand, but his sits are getting better, and of course, he has no problem with his downs!! I think he likes to conserve energy for playtime!

There has been an outbreak of kennel cough on the island, and as a result, we have not been visiting the trails. But have had playtime in the back garden with some of Rider’s friends.

Nikko is a golden retriever/ Bernese Mountain dog cross, and she and Rider have a good time together. In the middle of September, I went over to the mainland and came home with PADS Canary, a yellow-lab female. She had already started her advanced training in Burnaby and had come to the island to join Rob’s string. It was love at first sight, and they love to play, sometimes with a little too much exuberance! There will be no need to thatch or aerate the lawn this year!! They are both really good at settling when asked to do so.

Submitted by: Linda, Advanced Training Sitter