The month of February was a quiet month. My family and I spent time doing many activities that were cape-free. I have been having issues barking (usually at strangers), so I spent some time just hanging out at the house and learning to relax more. I love to work and sometimes I don’t know when to let myself turn off my working personality.

We spent lots of time going for long walks, and practicing my recall skills. Since my recall skills are improving, my family took me to an off-leash area and I was able to “go sniff” which is something I love to do. When they call me back I come right away as it means a special reward.

I also had the opportunity to attend a Stage West rehearsal with several of the PADS dogs and raisers. I did very well and the loud noises and darkness did not bother me. My mom said I had a star performance, just like the actors/actresses at Stage West.

In puppy class this month, I have been working on putting on my cape, going through doorways, rotating my hind quarters while in a perch position, and ignoring distractions such as other dogs or food. I am getting better and better at these skills.

Submitted By: Vivianne Carroll