At the beginning of March, before all this social distancing/self isolation started, I went on a 12 km walk around the Glenmore Reservoir with the Striders group that my parents know. I was very good at loose leash walking and enjoyed all the new smells.

In early March I was still going to my Mom’s school and took part in a Read-a-thon with the kids. They even had a book with my name on it: “Drop it, Rocket”, by Tad Hills! (People sometimes say that to me for real — it’s a true to life story!)

My skills are improving and I continue practicing going through doorways, putting on my cape, “bed”, “chin”, “heel”, doing recalls, and improving my duration in a “sit” and a “stand”.

During the last couple of weeks of March I enjoyed lots of walks around the neighbourhood and sniffing and playing in the snow. I met a few neat snowmen on the walks, too!

Submitted By: Vivianne & Andrew Carroll