This past month was very busy. My family went away for a few days, so I was with PADS part-time puppy raisers, Beth and Scott. I went to work with Scott. He works downtown, so I rode the C-Train with him and there were so many people!

We also had lots of off-leash time at the dog park this month and I practiced my recall. I do love a good stick to chew on, which Mom and Dad say is not good for me, so I try to listen to them!

I have been on several field trips and spent one Saturday shopping at the 17th Avenue Shop Hop. This was a very busy place and everyone – including other dogs – dressed up in Hallowe’en costumes! Mom said I did a great job that day with help from my treat bag! On October 31st I was able to dress up for Hallowe’en along with all the staff and students at my Mom’s school. Thank you to Julia Carroll for all her help with my costume!

We are working on recall, leash pressure and I am also learning “Bravo”.

Submitted By: Vivianne Carroll