Rocky-2014-12-1 Rocky-2014-12-2

This Christmas, I went to my human Auntie & Uncle’s new house in Edmonton. They have a little girl named Jocelyn (one of my human cousins). Jocelyn likes to point at me and say “puppy”. Jocelyn really, really likes me but she only ever touched me two times. She doesn’t like to get too close in case I kiss her!

On Christmas Day, I got to hang out with everyone while we opened presents. I got awesome reindeer antlers in my stocking and a doggy gingerbread men biscuit (with icing!). My human sister Alex got me two new rings that I can play tug with. I had a great Christmas!

Sincerely, Rocky

Submitted by awesome PADS puppy-in-training Rocky and his awesome PADS Volunteer Puppyraiser human sister Alex and the Beaton Family.