Rocky Feb 2016 IMG_5423Rocky Feb 2016 IMG_5431Rocky Feb 2016 IMG_5549Rocky Feb 2016 IMG_5553


I’m following up an uneventful January with a super exciting February!

We went to the Glenbow Museum for a PADS field trip- I was a super good boy.  I was so snuggly on that animal hide- don’t I look happy?  Check me out with the bear!

On Family Day we went bowling- FUN!  The loud noises didn’t bother me at all.

On a day off school Cameron & Alex took me to the Highwood Museum in High River.  One of the capes used in the movie Superman was on display because Superman was filmed in the High River/Calgary area.  Look at me- Super Rocky!  I forgot my cape at home.

Rocky Feb 2016 IMG_5624Near the end of February my brother from a different mother, Dasher, came to stay with us for 2 weeks.  At first I was a little tentative about having him but after a few hours I realized he was going to be a super good time… when he wasn’t pulling on my ears and jowls!  I love playing keep away with Dasher.  He enjoys using me as a pillow so I used him as a pillow once in awhile too!  There are a few pictures of me with Dasher- for more pictures of us check out Dasher’s PupDate page.

That’s all for this month- see you in March!


Submitted by our PADS Puppy-in-Training, Rocky, and his PADS Volunteer Puppy Raiser, Tracy Beaton.