Dear Santa-

I’m pretty sure Christmas is on its way- it snowed this month and I DO LOVE ME SOME SNOW!  I love to run in the snow and eat it!  I watched this movie the other night with my family- it was called “ELF”.  You told Buddy the Elf not to eat yellow snow when he went to New York City.  I will remember that for future snow play.

One thing I don’t like about snow is that it’s COLD!  The other day Tracy took me for a walk and I was trying to balance on three paws (and switching the three paws!) because my paws were so cold.  She got the message and took me home!

Rock Nov 2015 IMG_4985 smlShe’s not so good at getting the message I’m hungry though.  Please see the attached picture – this is me waiting by my food bowl for supper.  It seems I need to do this most days otherwise they would forget to feed me.  How about sending some tasty dog treats my way this Christmas?  I could definitely use some extra food!

Say hi to the Elves and Papa Elf for me!



Submitted by our fantastic PADS Puppy-in-Training, Rocky, and his PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Tracy & Chris Beaton.