Rocky Oct2014Trick or Treat, smell my paw, give me a high value treat!

I am Rocky and I had the best homemade costume for Halloween. I was SUPER ROCKY!

Don’t tell anyone this but I liked my human brother’s (Cameron) costume better than my human sister’s (Alex) costume. By the way, Cameron was a wizard and Alex was a skeleton pirate.

The PADS Halloween party (my first party ever!) was the best! I got to hang out with all the other dogs. Some of my puppy friends had some pretty cool costumes. Glimmer was a pumpkin, Snow was a devil, Gracie was a hot dog and Blaise was a cheerleader. My human siblings had so much fun at the party – I hope we get to do that again soon!

Happy Halloween!


– Submitted by Rocky’s human brother Cameron from the Beaton Family