Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

I visited a school this month, not puppy class, an actual elementary school! I sat in front of an entire circle of kids and settled down for show and tell! I was placed in a home with three kids under the age of ten. I had to learn how to play with kids and go to all sorts of activities that children go to, like little league and piano class. It was quite different than apartment life with two adults that I started to get used to. I’m still working on my off switch when there are other pups nearby. I just love meeting other puppies and playing with them!

I’m learning my down and how to hold a sit for a long, long, long time (I swear it seems longer than 30 seconds). My raiser also started playing this cruel game where she leaves kibble on my paws, but I can’t have any until I look at her first! I’m getting better at this game though, although all I want to do is snooze and run around at the dog park – Oh, and I’m always thinking about food.

Submitted By: Angela Wei