My absolute favourite activity is bounding all over the place in the off-leash parks around Calgary. There are so many smells and things to look at – like this huge snowball we found on the top of Nose Hill but because there was only one huge ball, it turned into a “pee-mail snowball”! I also like to jump onto the huge rocks with my buddies, Charlie III & Linus. It was a windy day – you can tell by the way my ears flap in the breeze.

I had a lovely bath one evening, then learned that my official duty later that week would be to attend the Retirement Party of PADS Dog Wren, who lives in Edmonton. She and her mom, PADS Fossey (who retired a few years ago), worked at the Zebra Child Protection Agency and supported thousands of children over the years who came to Zebra for help with their court appearances over child abuse.

Wren and her mom, Fossey, were super friendly at Wren’s party, and even shared the Retirement Cake with me, although I wasn’t sure it was allowable to eat off the floor…. Wren’s handler, Marley, had to get down with all the dog guests and break off pieces of the cake for each of us – YUM! Afterwards we visited Wren at her home where we learned that Marley had adopted Wren so she will be able to continue to live in the same home in her retirement. Wren showed me around her home, and I got to play with all her dog toys – such a gracious host!

Submitted By: Wendy Proudlock