Russet is now one and a half years old! Where did the time go?! This month, he went on a PADS field trip to Stage West Theatre Restaurant to watch their latest tech rehearsal. He did a great job lying quietly under the table. He even ran into his mom PADS Peyto and sister PADS Rocket in the lobby. At home, he and his new “sister” Maui have been having a great time going for snowy and muddy off-leash walks by the canal. Unfortunately, this meant getting TWO baths this month. Oh well, it was worth it!

At puppy class, Russet has been learning to move backwards and out of the way when I walk into his space. This is important for redirecting his attention and for being aware of his surroundings generally. Russet has really enjoyed the addition of clicker training to his training regimen. He loves to work for treats!

Submitted By: Karina Nickel