During the first half of March, Russet came to the dentist with me and, for the first time, was able to stay with me while I got my teeth cleaned. He lay quietly next to the dentist’s chair and only needed a couple reminders to remain in a “down”.

During the second half of March, Russet “hung up his cape” to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Frank works from home anyways, so Russet has been able to stay with his “sister” Maui all day when I go to work at the vet clinic.

For training, Russet has been working at going to his bed for a treat when there is someone at the door or when he hears an unseen noise. This is to create a positive association with these sounds and reduce “alert” barking. He just loves working with his Treat & Train and sometimes lies on his bed next to it, even when treats aren’t being dispensed!

Submitted By: Karina Nickel