Well, June was a busier month since I started going out in public with my cape on again…so I’m happier that I can go places with my raisers, although, I need to be on my best behaviour. I enjoyed going shopping at Home Depot and especially where they have food and shopping carts like Costco and Superstore. My raisers said that I did a super job after not having been there for so long.

I also enjoyed going to Granville Island where I could just look at everything going on around me – I saw many of those big birds, and my raisers were very happy when I didn’t bark or lunge at them or any other dogs or people.

I also very much enjoyed meeting my sister Shade and buddy Koda for some trail runs again. We worked on my recall and interactions with other puppies…I did really well – oh, and I love those special treats I get only on these days!

Otherwise, I am settling in nicely in my new home in the city. I’m getting more used to all the noises and the two kitties that I live with are putting up with my many kisses that I share with them (at least I’m not getting kitty smacked as much as before!). I’ve also been working quite hard on some different things like engagement on my loose leash walking. Sometimes my raiser just starts running around and she expects me to follow her – and I do because I know that I am going to get extra kibbles.

Oh, and I am also still working on not barking at people when they are in my yard. I am trying to learn that people are friendly and not going to hurt me or my raisers. I’m just out of practice I think!

Submitted By: Monette & Robert Sakashita