It has been a great start to the new year. Samwise has been very busy getting outside more often in the nicer weather, on trail walks, noodling neighbourhood walks and also lots of practice on that loose leash walking. He has had many car rides, the bus, and the sky train. He has seen lots of new and interesting things, like the library or watching ladies curling at the PoMo Rec Centre. Where he seemed to make a few folks happy peeking through the window at them while they played. He’s been to the beach, which he loves, and to my family’s farm where there are chickens, pigs, goats and dogs. That was a very exciting day! Samwise is maturing and calming, and this is really evident when we go to a coffee shop. He is still very much an over-enthusiastic person and puppy greeter.

Submitted by: Marcia Brown