Wow, this has been a fun and busy summer! First, I got “fixed.” Of course I wasn’t broken but I had some surgery because I am not going to be a breeding dog. It was not too bad, the funny hat was a bit of a pain but I am pretty chill and accepting of changes. After I recovered, the summer fun began. I have been on four camping trips, where I am super good about relaxing on my long leash at my campsite though I do get a bit tangled at times. I also got to go golfing, hiking, and swimming. I am pretty confident in the water now and really like it! When we visit the little towns on our trips, I get to see new shops, restaurants, and even farmers’ markets. I even rode on a ferry, twice, this summer!

Back home, I really like to work. I keep up my basic skills and apparently my loose leash walking has become “a dream.” I have been working on other stuff like bringing things and am learning the names of some of my toys. I practice my commands from a distance and in high distraction areas. I can also open the fridge – only with permission of course! All in all, a pretty good summer!

Submitted By: Pam/Rob McGregor