My regular people returned at the beginning of the month so I am back “home” again. We have had a really busy month.

I have had so much fun hiking in the deep snow and really enjoyed snowshoeing a couple of times. I am getting quite a bit of freedom when we do these things because my recall is so great!

It seemed like we also spent a lot of time in stores this month. There were lots of people coming and going at our house which gave me a chance to really work on polite greetings and staying settled when the doorbell rings or someone comes into the house. They tell me I am improving and we will keep working on this.

When visiting other people, I was awesome about staying on my settle mat when asked. I wasn’t bothered by music or people or noisy kids! I also spent a few more days with Trish and Berk where I played really nicely with their grand dog, Hunter.

Things seem a little quieter now so I can really focus on polishing up some of my skills – guess I need to work on “chin.” Happy New Year!

Submitted By: Pam and Rob McGregor