My new people are just learning the ropes and did not submit a Pupdate for January, but they are on track now and we have some catching up to do. Everyone says that I am just about perfect in public spaces. I pay close attention to my people and will happily walk nicely, sit, down, or go in depending on where we are. Of course I enjoy the occasional bit of kibble as I do this.

I have been to all kinds of stores, spent lots of time in the mall, enjoyed speed skating at the Special Olympics, visited the airport, the hairdresser and even enjoyed an Academy Award winning movie at the local theatre. I also have lots of energy and enjoy on-leash walks as well as off-leash hikes. I still pull occasionally on leash walks but I am working on that. Off leash I love to run in the snow! We practice a lot of recall and I am very reliable when there are no distractions and really improving when there are other people or dogs around. As I get to know my people better and have more practice, I think I will just keep getting better and better. I have also been cross-country skiing and snow shoeing a few times. They say that I am good at going faster when I have to (like going downhill) and slowing down nicely to be with my people when climbing uphill. I love to work and enjoy my daily training sessions at home. Sometimes I get a bit excited and get “ahead of myself” a little but I am able to calm down and get back to work easily. I am very chill around the house and I often just take myself to my kennel for some quiet time. I have had a good couple of months and am really looking to what new adventures the spring will bring.

Submitted By: Pam and Rob McGregor