Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

I had lots of fun in March, visiting old friends and making new ones as well as enjoying some new and interesting experiences. One day I went back to the day care center that my first mom used to take me to. The kids were so excited to see me! I am pretty chill in those situations and, although I don’t mind being patted, I pay pretty close attention to my own people.

This month I also met little Karma for a couple of play dates. She is much younger than I am and I played very gently with her. I also had some fun with my good PADS buddy, Aries. We are closer to the same age and really like to “rough and tumble.” People say I tend be be on the submissive side, whatever that means. One day a group of PADS dogs and their raisers had a long bus ride and then went out for coffee. My “go in” is excellent! I had lots of other adventures and finished the month at a Barking Lot sale which was a fund raiser for PADS. I was great on the “wobbly board” but was pretty excited to be there and I guess I was pulling quite a bit- oops… I am normally a perfect gentleman in public but this was pretty exciting.

I am working on polishing up some of my basic commands and learning some new strategies every time I go to class.

Submitted By: Pam & Rob McGregor