May was a fun month for me.  I got to go for a “puppy sit” where I had a dog buddy to hang out with. She was a senior dog and my puppy sitter said that I was very gentle with her.

Andrea also took me to her boot camp class where everyone was moving around a lot – except for me of course!  I settled nicely on my mat and watched.

I also went to lots of places with different smells and noises:  the doctor’s, the dentist’s, the hairdresser’s, and I think about a hundred garden shops.  I rocked it in every one of those places and my people have to watch me carefully because everyone says that I am so great that they want to take me home with them! 

I admit that I could still be better with dog distraction and sometime even my BGN…  Some people think that an operation that I am having next month may help a little with those things.  Time will tell.

Submitted By: Pam/Rob McGregor