My regular people were away for the month so I got to stay with Trish and Berk. It was so much fun; a lovely bed in front of the fireplace and lots of new toys to play with.

They took me so many different places: Hospice House, the college, on the bus, and to a physio appointment, to name a few. Everyone thought my public manners were just about perfect.

At home I showed my stuff to Trish and Berk and they were so impressed with my enthusiasm and how much I like to work. They did notice that I could use some improvement on my chin command – it has never been my favorite but I will keep trying.

I had a great play date with Levi, a younger PADS puppy. Everyone thought that I played really nicely with the little guy and also noticed how gentle and respectful I was with a senior dog that I visited. So I had a really fun month and a great time with my puppy sitters.

Submitted By: Pam and Rob McGregor