Sassafras has been enjoying the last month of summer and has had many many long walks with PADS Elfie and PADS Wilbur this month in Pacific Spirit Park! She loves running around with them and playing chase. She is usually the one being chased and is too fast for most dogs! We also visited the PNE this month and got to see the Superdogs show which was amazing. Sassafras is a very high jumper so she believes she might have a career there if this assistance dog thing doesn’t work out.

With regards to training, we have mostly been working on fine tuning our obedience and basic behaviours. Sassafras’ loose-leash walking has improved quite a bit and so has her puppy-distraction. We have also been working on recall! The long walks in PSP were the perfect place to practice that, especially with PADS Elfie there as a role model. Jump-on is another favourite and Sass is getting really good at it!

Submitted by: Siddhant Modi