December has been an eventful month in terms of training! I have been working on learning things like stand, heel, and side, which I already knew how to do, on a verbal cue. My raiser says that I’m doing very well and am on track to mastering them soon! December was also the month of Christmas and I got to attend the PADS Christmas Party with all my furriends and I also got to meet Santa Paws! Because it has been getting dark so early these days, my raiser has been taking me for walks in the dark. He uses this magical thing on his head that somehow lights everything up and makes it easy for me to walk without bumping into trees.

2018 has been an awesome year for me because I got to meet my 2 awesome raisers. I got to learn about this interesting place called the world and where I fit in it. I met a lot of other dogs and got a lot of pets from all the people! I learned a lot of things from my raiser and he says that I am doing an amazing job. I feel very loved and can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me.

Submitted By: Siddhant Modi