June was a big month for me!  I went into heat again, guys. Heat number 2.  But that was only towards the end of the month.

Before that, June was just a usual month – summer almost came to Vancouver but then it left. That didn’t stop my raiser and me from going to the park for walks with friends though!  I also got to meet my raiser’s mother and I loved having her around the house.  She gave me a lot of pets and spent a lot of time on the floor with me.

Once the heat struck, it meant no time at off-leash parks but that didn’t stop me from having fun in the house – we played lots of hide-and-seek and sometimes the raiser would hide my toys and make me look for them. I thought it was mean at first, but then he gave me cookies for coming back with the toys so I didn’t mind it too much.

We also rode the bike trailer to work every day for the last two weeks of the month which was a lot of fun! All in all, a great month.

Submitted By: Siddhant Modi