Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

GUYS I turned 1 year old in November! Happy Birthday to me and all my siblings from the Exotic Woods litter! I got to spend my birthday in Pacific Spirit Park with all my best friends. My favourite sitters even bought a flower for me! I got a lot of compliments that day, more than the usual number! Since it’s been getting dark very early now, I have been going for walks in the park with my light and my raiser’s headlamp to guide me.

It is a bit challenging to run around but that is no deterrent to having fun! It has also been raining a lot and I have managed to conquer my dislike of puddles! I like them so much now that I sometimes even try to drink out of them. This month, I also learned to love this machine that the raiser uses to dry his hair – it makes a weird loud sound and blows hot air at me but I love it. My raiser says that it helps me get dry quicker and makes sure that his room doesn’t smell like a wet Labrador. I don’t know what his problem is because that smell is the best smell ever!

Submitted By: Siddhant Modi